Jogging Black Warrior Thick-Soled Functional Men's Sports Shoes

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Size : 6
Color : Black
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Strut the Streets with the Jogging Black Warrior! 🖤👟

Hey there, street king! Ready to up your footwear game? Slide into the Jogging Black Warrior Thick-Soled Men's Sports Shoes. Made for movers, shakers, and everyone in between.

All-black everything. Sleek, mysterious, and oh-so-versatile. With a hint of color matching, you’re looking at instant street cred. Ready to turn a few heads? This shoe's got your back. Or well, your foot! 🌚

Alright, let's rap about comfort. The TPU sole isn’t just tough, it’s like your own personal bouncer – shielding against rough spots. Slide into that cloth insole and it’s instant cozy town for your feet. And for those feet workouts, the mesh inside ensures things stay breezy no matter how intense things get.🌪️

A mix-up on the upper? It's not just a style statement. It’s the durability-meets-swagger combo. Toss in the roomy round head toe style, and those toes have a VIP section all to themselves!

That thick bottom isn’t just making a statement, it’s giving you the perfect subtle lift, making sure you're always standing tall. Sizes? We’re rolling deep from 38 to 44. A perfect fit is a guarantee.

Quick lace-up, and you’re set to conquer – be it a chill Spring evening or a fresh Fall morning. Whether it's a casual jog or a city exploration, the Jogging Black Warrior’s got your moves covered.

So, ready to embrace the warrior within? These shoes aren’t just functional; they're a vibe.

Feel the call of the streets? Step into the world of Jogging Black Warrior. Upgrade, lace up, and show the world your pace. Get ‘em while they’re hot! 🏁🔥🛒

  • Style: Leisure
  • Pattern: Color Matching
  • Color: Black
  • Size: 38 39 40 41 42 43 44
  • Closed: Lace-Up
  • Season: Spring/ Fall
  • Toe Style: Round Head
  • Heel Height: Flat Heel
  • Bottom Style: Thick Bottom
  • Sole Material: TPU
  • Insole Material: Cloth
  • Inner Material: Mesh
  • Upper Material: Mixed Material
  • Shoemaking Process: Adhesive Shoes
  • Applicable Age: Adults